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About us

Raspberry PI products
approved reseller

Astradis Elektronik GmbH offers numerous services and products to support customers along the entire value chain in the best possible way.

This includes standard distribution as well as technical design, project planning, custom hardware/software development.We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of wireless communication and antennas and would like to push this field forward together with the Raspberry Pi.

Our self-proclaimed electronics geeks are passionate about developing products for the maker community that allow users and customers to build cool things and unleash their creativity.

In addition to our technical and programming skills, we also have a strong understanding of business and the needs of modern enterprises.

Astradis Elektronik, is the sister company of the well-known global Atlantik Elektronik GmbH. We provide complete hardware solutions, custom design and manufacturing services to customers who want to use Raspberry Pi computers in the fields of IoT, automation, computing and artificial intelligence.

Our vision is to help customers accelerate their product development with our high-quality and affordable solutions in the global market.

Your Raspberry contact:
Alexander Feix
Telefon: +48 89 89 505-0

Email: raspberry@atxx.de 


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