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How We Ensure the Quality of Our Components

Top Priority:
Preventing the infiltration of substandard components into our supply chains is our utmost goal. This is the most significant challenge in independent component sourcing and simultaneously our greatest strength. We guarantee our customers to deliver only new and original components and stand unconditionally by this commitment.

With our 20 years of experience in the open market and a total of almost 50 years in the semiconductor industry, we leverage our accumulated expertise and comprehensive market knowledge to eliminate any risks in the independent component sourcing of the semiconductors you are looking for.

Procurement only from secure sources

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Long-term partnerships with selected suppliers. Admittedly, it's tough for a "newcomer," but it is through these long-term relationships that we can rely on our suppliers. Typically, we purchase exclusively from this small pool of suppliers. If none of these suppliers can offer the required goods, we inform our customers about the situation and try to purchase goods from other sources without risk. This merchandise is only delivered to you after thorough inspection by, for example, one of our testing facilities with which we collaborate.

Regular on-site audits at our suppliers

You can't do it without it!

To approve a supplier, we visit their relevant locations to get a personal impression. We also maintain contact with existing suppliers through regular visits.

Sophisticated incoming goods inspection

The solution is in the detail

Our multi-stage inspection of incoming goods ensures that dubious components are identified at an early stage and can be subjected to further tests. We document all incoming goods visually to ensure traceability.

Cooperation with independent test centers

Better safe than sorry

We regularly send random samples of components to certified test houses to ensure independent control of the quality of our items and to carry out advanced tests (X-ray, chemical/mechanical opening, stress/functional tests). 

Our quality management is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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