Raspberry Pi for Makers

Welcome to Astradis Elektronik, your ultimate partner on the journey from idea to reality.

More than just standard hardware

At Astradis Electronics, we offer much more than just the basic equipment. You'll find a variety of matching accessories and development kits with the aim of making your projects simpler and more effective. We have HATs, SD cards, displays, and a range of products from innovative companies for whom Raspberry Pi is paramount. Our goal is to facilitate the implementation of your ideas and projects as quickly and seamlessly as possible, all at a very competitive price.

The idea factory is open!

Do you have a groundbreaking idea waiting to be turned into a product? Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the entire process. We not only assist in development and implementation but also support in marketing your product. With our extensive contacts from over four decades in the electronics industry, we can connect you with the right partners to lead your product to success.

Competitions to network

To promote innovation and strengthen the connection between makers, investors and manufacturers, we regularly organize competitions and take part in important trade fairs. In this way, we advance the Raspberry Pi scene and promote the vibrant community that is close to our hearts.

We will help you to sell

Through our targeted marketing on various platforms and across different industries, we ensure that your product receives the attention it deserves.

Join the Astradis Electronics family, and let's create something great together. Because with us, every maker becomes a developer, and almost every idea becomes a success story. Let's go!

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