05. March 2020 | Planegg

Today Astradis Elektronik presents the self-developed Shield HAT (Hardware Attached on Top). This was developed to use the latest LTE/5G modules from Quectel with the Raspberry.

The Atlantik HAT integrates a M.2 interface for the modules, an extra power supply to cushion the high pulse currents of the module and a USB port 3.0 for the high data volume generated by the modem.

The HAT can already be used with an LTE module, the EM06 from Quectel. Areas of application in which the Raspberry can already be used professionally are mainly applications such as Digital Signage, all tasks of measurement and control, all applications of remote monitoring and of course tracking applications.

The aim is that the Raspberry, together with the 5G HAT, will also help to discover completely new fields. Voice and gesture control and the possibility to let devices or mobile phones communicate with each other in the 5G frequency range is certainly among the most interesting applications.

In the industrial sector, the construction and control of campus networks is a large field of application. Our cost-effective solution can make a major contribution here.

Astradis Elektronik has designed the HAT in such a way that it can also be used on another USB-capable device without any problems. Thus, the development possibilities are not limited to the Raspberry.

Additional services from Astradis Elekrtonik:

When it comes to implementation and further development towards the markets, Atlantik offers the best opportunities due to its long experience and broad and comprehensive product portfolio.

Each of the components used can be scaled. We have the capabilities and services to turn developments into market-ready, reliable products. The cooperation within Atlantik ensures a fast time to technology and a good implementation of the time to market.

With the HAT, Astradis Elektronik offers an attractive hardware concept: the Raspberry PI with innovative mobile technology from Quectel and with the support of the professional and worldwide Raspberry PI community are the best way to further develop new 5G technologies and create innovative products as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the promises of the new mobile generation are translated into high value products. Moreover, by using the Quectel LTE Module EM06, development can begin immediately.

Each Dev Kit for the Atlantik Shield contains a Raspberry 3B+ or a 4B with 4GB memory (depending on the application). In addition, a module for LTE or 5G with M.2 interface from Quectel, corresponding power supplies for the SBC and the module, a pin adapter for using the GPIO, an SD card for industrial use and a high-quality USB cable for data transfer.

In the next few months, Astradis Elektronik will also launch further products around the Raspberry under the _atxx brand. These include various SD cards for industrial use, housing with antenna connectors for the Raspberry PI + Hat and a touch screen for the Raspberry.

You can buy our Raspberry Pi Shield in our webshop.

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